Maxx Calibration Control

Maxx Calibration Control 3.0

A program that enables custom tune editing with your H&S tuning device
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Perform engine management operations. Enable tune editing with the toolset controlling every aspect of functionality for the detected compatible engine and transmission model. View detailed feedback on the current status, activity or general issues of the equipment.

Maxx Calibration Control (MCC) is an advanced engine management software that enables custom tune editing with your H&S tuning device. With the power to control all aspects of engine and transmission management, MCC gives you the ability to control how your engine operates.
- Flexibility: build your own tune or purchase one from a professional tuner to help you maximize performance.
- File Locking: all tunes can be locked down with a user defined passcode, ensuring your hard work will stay yours. Professional tuners can use this feature to sell tunes and protect their investment.
- File Sharing: any tune you build can be shared with a friend.
- Reversible: if your custom tune did not work out as expected, you can reload any H&S stock or tuned file. H&S files always remain on the unit and can be used at any time.

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